Elecroacoustic performance “Voices”: press briefing


The premiere of the electroacoustic performance “Voices” based on the poetry of Sophia Lenartovych will be held as part of the concert series of the Lviv National Philharmonic called “Muses Are Not Silent”. Five artists united in a theatrical experiment to bring poetry to life with the help of electro-acoustic music and archaic songs, movement and plasticity.

About the concert, which will take place on November 2 at 7 pm at a briefing in the “Ukraine Media Center” told the speakers:

  • Bohdan Sehin, commercial director of the Lviv National Philharmonic for the development of contemporary music, artistic director of the project “Muses Are Not Silent”
  • Sophia Lenartovych, the author of the project idea and text
  • Dmytro Naumets, director, project coach

Bohdan Sehin emphasized that the “Muses Are Not Silent” project has been ongoing since the end of March, and since then more than 60 broadcasts have been conducted, the number of donors abroad and in Ukraine is increasing: “Accordingly, the opportunity to support artists is increasing – we give them the opportunity to perform on our platform, we help financially.”

The Voices promo video

The poetry of Sophia Lenartovych will be performed during the concert. She shared the topic on which she reflected: “These poems are about topics that are close to every person: loss, protection of personal borders, and therefore also state borders, the theme of returning to oneself. The name of the project “Voices” mixes different forms of art and thus brings poetry to life: music, archaic song, movement, dance.”

In the end, Dmytro Naumets said: “The project is primarily about a human and his pains. If we remember the first months of the war, we were in confusion, and our bodies too. Now we are trying to learn how to release emotions through plasticity and singing. It is not for nothing that there is a genre of holosinnia in Ukrainian culture, about death and mourning the dead.”

Live stream here



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