Invite Me To Your Dreams

Камерна сцена Львівської національної філармонії

Thursday 21.09.2023 / 16:00

Камерна сцена Львівської національної філармонії



Concert on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the poet Bohdan Stelmakh’s birth

His lyrics were used as the basis for the iconic songs of the golden fund of Ukrainian pop music, songs that became favorites of both professional musicians and amateur music lovers. This year, on October 2, the poet, playwright, translator, and author of numerous Ukrainian songs turns 80!

Many people in Ukraine and around the world probably know and love his songs: Ihor Bilohir’s “I’ll Ask You About Love,” “Don’t Pour Soap on the Glass,” “The First Snow,” “I’ll Watch You,” songs by Bohdan-Yuriy Yanivsky “Don’t Forget,” “There’s a Fairy Tale in the World,” Viktor Kaminsky’s “Kalyna, Kalyna,” “History,” Myroslav Skoryk’s “I’ll Wait for You,” “Candle,” “Bring Me Poppies,” and Leonid Dudkivsky’s “Cherry Grove. Bohdan Stelmakh wrote the lyrics to these songs, and his most striking collaboration was with Volodymyr Ivasiuk. Ivasyuk used the poet’s lyrics to create such wonderful works as “Invite Me to Dreams,” “Wind Cradle,” “Unstoppable Current,” and “Only Once Does Love Bloom.” These and other songs with lyrics by Bohdan Stelmakh will be performed by the Philharmonic’s artists on the occasion of the poet’s 80th birthday.

We invite you to join the celebration of poetry and its master, Bohdan Stelmakh.



Olha Feniuk, soprano
Iryna Stefanko, soprano
Oksana Matsehora, soprano
Antonii Prokopets, tenor
Nina Karpinets, soprano
Oksana Savitska, mezzo-soprano, bandura
Olena Vladyslavska, piano
Olena Markevych, piano
Bandura quartet “Lvivianky”
Yurii Chekov, artistic word


Directed by Lyubov Fitio.


The program includes songs by Myroslav Skoryk, Bohdan-Yuriy Yanivskyi, Viktor Kaminskyi, Volodymyr Ivasiuk and Ihor Bilozir