Music is timeless. Mykola Kolessa and Anatoly Kos – Anatolskyi

Sunday 04.06.2023 / 17:00

Камерна сцена



The third, final concert from the cycle “Music in Timelessness” is dedicated to our near contemporaries – Mykola Kolessi (1903-2006) and Anatoly Kos-Anatolskyi (1909-1983). Mykola Kolessa (1903-2006) was called the “son of the century”, he was a living legend of our culture and a true witness of the era. An outstanding Ukrainian composer, conductor, teacher, founder of the Ukrainian conducting school, he trained a whole galaxy of conductors known far beyond the borders of Ukraine, including Stefan Turchak, Ivan Gamkal, and Bohdan Antkiv. When we mention the name of Anatoly Kos-Anatolskyi (1909-1983), it first of all “sounds” for many Ukrainians with the famous song to the Frankish text “Oh you, girl, from the nut of a grain”, and also with the voices of the unforgettable trio of Bayko sisters: “White Roses”, “When the Blue Mountains Fell Asleep”… Composer, teacher, music and social activist Anatoliy Kos-Anatolsky entered the history of domestic musical culture as one of its bright creators. His songs, choruses, and instrumental works are constantly heard from the concert stage of many performers and groups, evoking the admiration of listeners.


  • Marianna Laba, soprano
  • Olga Fenyuk, soprano
  • Iryna Klyuchkovska, soprano
  • Oksana Matsegora, soprano
  • Oksana Savitska, mezzo-soprano
  • Nina Karpinets, soprano
  • Lilia Vikaruk, soprano
  • Stanislav Goyan, baritone
  • Iryna Stefanko, soprano
  • Vasyl Ponaida, tenor
  • Vitaly Golubnycha, soprano
  • Natalia Granovska, contralto
  • Anatoly Prokopets, tenor
  • Kateryna Fedechko, piano (student of the 7th grade of A. Kos-Anatolsky LMS No. 1)
  • Olena Vladyslavska, piano part
  • Olena Markevich, piano part

Roksolyana Mysko-Pasichnyk – presenter, musicologist

Lyubov Fityo is the author of the idea and director-producer


  • Mykola Kolessa 6.12 1903-8.06

“Oy horami volonky” is the arrangement of the song by M. Laba
The cycle “Children’s dreams” (Hey, I’m lulling, lulling, Oh, the dream goes, Kra, kra, crow) – M. Laba
“Oh Nikolo, Nikolochku” abr Lemk. songs – O. Fenyuk
“Cuckoo Cuckoo” arr. Ukrainian born Songs-O. Fenugreek
“Two Kolomyikas” -f-no -uch. 7. Class LMSh No. 1 Fedechko Kateryna (class of teacher Halyna Senyk)
“I dreamed all night” sl. L. Ukrainky -O. Matsehora
“I rode a horse” – arr. Narrator of the song – Ant. Prokopets
“Can you see it” – obr lemk. songs by N. Karpinets

  • Anatoliy Kos-Anatolsky  December 1, 1909 – November 30, 1983

“Oh, you’re a girl, a grain of nut” – sl. I. Franka – Vasyl Ponaida
“Love and Music” sl. V. Shakespeare’s translation and muse of Kos- Anatolysky -V. Find out
“Necklace” sl. L. Revy -V. Golubnycha
“Conjure me a gypsy girl” -sl. I. Franka -V. Golubnycha
“White Roses” sl. R. Bratunya – Antony Prokopets
“Golden Girl” -sl. R. Bratunya – A. Prokopets
“The most expensive” sl. V. Danileyka – Iryna Stefanko
“May night” – arr. Ukrainian composer of the song -I. Stefanko
“Shepherd” – sl. I. Kutenya – Stanislav Goyan

“Oh, the falcon is flying” – Ukrainian version. Narrator of the song Lilia Vikaruk
“Zolotii zori” – lyrics and music by A. Kos – Anatoly O. Matsehor
“Oh, I’ll take a bucket” -arr. Ukrainian composer of the song – Oksana Savitska (bandura accompaniment)
“Night at Pidhirya” – sl. I. Franka – Nina Karpinets
“Oh, I will go to the edge of the mountain” sl. A. Kos Anatolskyi-Iryna Klyuchkovska
“Nightingale Romance” – st. And muse A. Kos Anatolysky O. Fenyuk
“Starry Night” sl. And muse A. Kos Anatolysky N. Granovska
“When the blue mountains fell asleep” – trio I. Stefanko, N. Granovska V. Ponaida


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In the event of an air raid, the concert will be interrupted, and all guests will be asked to take shelter. Therefore, the number of places is limited.

Also, please bring an ID document with you. We remind you to observe anti-epidemic measures aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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